About us

  • Promotion of youth entrepreneurship in Europe as it is a topic which is considered one of the most important financial drivers in the EU.
  • Preparation of carefully tailored tools to help the young population to understand entrepreneurship and be motivated by it.
  • Raise awareness and creation of open educational resources, which will bring the proper mind-sets for young people to enter the entrepreneurial world.
  • Developing and implementation of entrepreneurial education approaches and learning environments where entrepreneurial skills can be cultivated and training is enhanced, thus increasing the rates of business creation and improving their sustainability in the market.

Project BaSE is scheduled to have a term of 20 months, which started as of March 2015 and ending in October 2016. Throughout this period the Partnership will be working on the following tasks:

  • Development, implementation and analysis of relevant questionnaires in order to figure out the training needs for potential and / or established entrepreneurs.
  • Development of ICT tools designed for the target group of youth in order to help them establish and grow their own business. The main informative ICT tool will be a website which will contain educational sources and training materials on entrepreneurship. The main fields of training materials identified are: business set up and functioning, business operation, identification of services or products offered recruitment and training of personnel, promotion, networking, crisis management and other important elements of the business cycle.

Additionally, an innovative online simulation game for virtual practicum training of potential or established entrepreneurs will be created. In the simulation game, users will be invited to take the appropriate course of actions in order to deal with a number of real-business-life challenges and problems which they potentially will come across in their effort in creating and run their own business. The virtual environment will allow the users to learn-by-doing, thus developing their personal empowerment and entrepreneurial skills.

Expected results
  • Increased experience of entrepreneurial education and raising awareness among the participants of the virtual game, participating organizations, stakeholders and EU decision makers, at national and European Level.
  • Improved quality and relevance of higher education through the promotion of mobility and cross-border cooperation in the field of entrepreneurial education and by linking higher education to the business sector in order to exchange ideas and practices for the improvement of the said quality.
  • Exchange of ideas and good practices between the participating organizations, through their engagement in the joint staff training events and the execution of all planned activities.
  • The dedicated platform, which is an Open Education and Resource Tool, will serve as a tool for training purposes in the project and will give the opportunity to all interested individuals to use it at their will. Through it they gain initial experience in the entrepreneurial world and, should they decide to, start a new business, find available funds, and upgrade their entrepreneurial skills.
  • The platform will also provide opportunities for the formation of synergies with organizations from various countries active in relevant fields.
  • The development of the related simulation game, which will be available online via the aforementioned platform, will provide the young population with an innovative and attractive tool to train themselves in basic entrepreneurial skills preparing them in handling the several scenarios they would possibly face, should they decided to starting their own business.
  • After the use of the simulation game, users will acquire skills such as strategic planning, management and leadership. They will enhance their ability in teambuilding and communication, they will improve in preparing personal action plans and come across with methods of creative thinking.
  • The ICT outputs will be available for use as alternative training tool within universities, vocational training institutions and other youth organizations. It can also be used by organizations that provide lifelong learning education, as well as training centers within companies. Entrepreneurial simulations can also be used to in supporting lifelong learning, enabling people, especially the young generation, to enhance their personal development and entrepreneurial dexterities.
The Consortium

The project was created by a group of four organizations (two private entities and two universities) in Cyprus and Greece, who established a Strategic Partnership.  Namely, these organizations are MC MC Institute of Public Relations (MCIPR) – the “Coordinator of the project, Kalys Solutions Ltd (KS), the Department of Computer Science of the University of Cyprus (UOC) and the University of Thessaly (UOT). Additionally, as participating associate partners are, the Organization of Business and Professional Women of Nicosia (BPW) and the Young Organization of Business and Professional Women of Cyprus (YBPW), which will be involved in the development of certain outputs and in ensuring the project’s quality and durability.

M.C. Institute of Public Relations

M.C. Institute of Public Relations


M.C. Institute of Public Relations (MCIPR) is a private institution established in 2002, registered at the Republic of Cyprus under the registration number HE156757, VAT number 10156757V and PIC number: 947103345. Its main office is located in Nicosia with partner associates throughout Cyprus.

MCIPR is a registered and fully accredited institution dealing with adult education. The Institute designs and implements professional – oriented education and training to the young, the adults and the professionals. Funding for these activities is received through the Cyprus Human Recourses Development Authority, commercial organisations and other authorities. It is also in co-operation or offers educational services to other local or international institutions, such as universities, Ministry of Education, Police Academy, Higher Hotel Institute of Cyprus, the Pearson Qualifications International and others. Head of MCIPR is Mr. Michael Constantinou.

Other MCIPR business’ activities are consultancy and implementation in the areas of business and social communication, public relations, promotional and advertising campaigns, marketing and media plans, events organizing, hospitality projects, shows and exhibitions organizing crisis management, media relations and representation and others. Head of his Department is Ms. Anastasia Diakou.


MCIPR has recently developed a newly established Department to deal with international activities, such as Erasmus projects, Horizon Programmes, INTERREG, COSME etc. The head of Department is Ms. Kalliopi Stavroulia.

MCIPR has a valued experience in the areas of its framework and possesses a high flexibility in adopting new technologies; knowledge and business methodologies to cope with contemporary problems of the everyday business life and find its way to the targets set

University of Cyprus

University of Cyprus

Technology Partner

The University of Cyprus (UCY) was established in 1989 and accepted its first students in 1992. It currently has about 7000 students and it aims to increase the number by 2000 students by 2015 with the final aim to count 10 000 students by 2020. It has 8 Faculties/Schools (Humanities, Medical, Pure and Applied Sciences, Social Sciences and Education, Economics and Management, Engineering, Letters & the Postgraduate School), 22 Departments and 11 Research Units.
Currently it offers 32 programmes of studies at undergraduate level and 95 programmes at postgraduate level. In 2008 UCY received the EFQM “Committed to Excellence” Award. UCY uses ECTS and awards the Diploma Supplement (DS). UCY is one of the 52 European universities to which the European Commission awarded the DS Label in May of 2009.UCY has a significant involvement in the implementation of European grants. During 2013 the University received in excess of 10 million euro external funding. In 2013 UCY was implementing 101 programmes funded by European and international funding, including 7 frontier research grants of ERC and another 231 programmes funded by the National Research Promotion Foundation. UCY runs also, as a proof of its dedication in European integration teaching, a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence and three Jean Monnet Chairs –in European Political Integration, in European Economic Integration and in European Foreign and Security Policy. It has also an UNESCO Chair for Equality and Gender Empowerment. In 2010 the first Nobel Prize winner, Prof. Pissarides Christoforos has also joined the academic community of UCY. The Department of Computer Science has a full-time staff of 22 faculty members, over 60 full-time researchers and visiting staff, and over 600 undergraduate and graduate students. The Department is research-oriented, active in several areas of information technology and communications including: computer graphics and VR, medical informatics and telemedicine, artificial neural networks and genetic algorithms, knowledge representation, electronic commerce, computational logic, high-speed networks, knowledge engineering, mobile computing, multimedia, parallel algorithms and architectures, signal and image processing. Over the last 5 years, members of the department have brought more than 100 funded research projects from both local and European funding sources, attracting over 12 million Euros. The department currently runs a Masters in Computer Games and Interactive Media in collaboration with the Multimedia and Graphic Arts department of the Technological University of Cyprus.

The Computer Graphics and Hypermedia Lab (CGH Lab) (http://www.cs.ucy.ac.cy/graphics/) was founded in 2002 with the purpose of contacting research and hosting postgraduate students in the areas of computer graphics, simulation, virtual reality, and serious games. The Lab is fully equipped for research in its areas of interest. It has a 3-wall stereo projection system, a stereo head-mounted display and two full motion capture systems. It is also a partner in a recently constructed 4 sided CAVE at the CUT University in Limassol. The lab has been very active since its founding, attracting over 20 funded research projects from local and EU sources. It is being involved in international collaborations and has organised several conferences in the wider graphics area. At the moment it hosts 2 post doctoral researchers, 3 doctoral students as well as masters and undergraduate students, working on various aspects of real-time virtual environments.

University of Thessaly

University of Thessaly

Research partner

Career Services Office

Career Services Office (CSO) of the University of Thessaly being one of the most well established institutions in the Greek educational society is mainly associated with the effective transition of its graduates to the labor market. CSO was currently re-established in 2009, in the framework of the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) 2007 -2013 and it functions on the standards of similar offices in other universities abroad. Being concerned with problems related to labor market, jobs availability, entrepreneurship and student mobility, one of the main objectives of the institution is to become a permanent link between the University and the business community. In addition CSO provides a number of services to its students and graduates concerning their career future, postgraduate studies and other general issues of interest to students. As part of the activities and the fulfilment of its targets CSO on its own initiative implements various projects, which have as a main target to reinforce the development of new instruments and innovative solutions related to the Career Office overall objectives.

The experienced team of the Career Services Office has participated with great success in a large number of programs related to education, training, entrepreneurship and mobility. Actually the intensive project implementation has become one of the core activities and basic philosophy of the CSO during the last years revealing the Career Office of University of Thessaly as the only similar institutional body with such an intensive project orientation.

In this context, CSO has cooperated with many other business organizations and institutions developing an integrated network of multidisciplinary partners. Characteristically some only of the initiatives that have been implemented from the CSO: “Supporting Business Ideas through the Career Centers” funded under the O.P. EPEAEK, “e-Internationalization of SMEs” under the framework of LLP Program and many other similar initiatives as well.

Career Services Office is the only similar organization participating in the EU project: “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs” as basic partner from the 1st Cycle of the program (2009) while at the moment the Career Office is representing enhanced activation under the framework of Erasmus+ in various actions providing new, opportunities to the involved staff and innovative services to the interested beneficiaries and stakeholders. More specifically the Career Office is participating either as partner or as leader organization in almost all the actions funded by Erasmus+ such as: ENT-NET [Strategic Partnerships for vocational education and training], D-SEE [Capacity Building in the field of Youth], ESTPORT [Erasmus+ Sport] and many other as well.Additionally the Career Office has similar activation in various other initiatives as well “Progress in White” [DG Employment] while constitute important actor for significant regional actions for the enhancement of employability and youth entrepreneurship “Local Actions for Employment”.

Finally CSO cooperates with a large number of academic and research Institutes in the EU, participating in regional academic and business networks while it represents significant research activity through relevant publications to selected journals and conferences.

In addition this intensive cooperation with the various business networks takes the form of workshops, short staff visits, student exchange initiatives and transfer of know-how while together with the most significant business actors (both at regional and national level) the Career Office is organizing career oriented events (e.g. Career Days, Career Seminars, etc.) providing to all the involved actors such as graduates and business people the unique opportunity to interact themselves directly.

Website: www.career.uth.gr , Email: career@uth.gr

Kalys solutions

Kalys solutions

Dissemination partner

KALYS SOLUTIONS LTD is a private company founded in November 2013 as per the laws of the Republic of Cyprus, funded by the Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme of the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism of Cyprus. The co-founders’ goal was to establish a company which would be at the service of SMEs and full grown enterprises, which, at the moment, are experiencing one of the most difficult times, in the last twenty years, of their entrepreneurial lives. Gathering and rendering information with regards to the European and International Markets constituted and still is a driving force for KALYS SOLUTIONS.

The company is active in the field of business services though which it assists companies from their creation, towards and throughout their evolution. Through its funding consultancy services, it undertakes the preparation and submission of proposals for projects aiming at European Union funding. Additionally, it actively participates in them as visibility and dissemination partner and provides assistance in their implementation.

Website : www.kalys-solutions.com

1559605_958204337557295_7480938373699883125_nFunded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union